James has an eclectic diversity of experience in fields that include digital marketing, finance, operations management, learning and development, business management and the arts. To round this out he also has a first class honours degree in Historical & Critical Study of Religion (from a sociological and political perspective). His academic passion lies with the exploration of what has shaped and influenced society throughout history. Combining this interest in the mechanics of society with his career experience, James founded Punch Marketing. His focus was based on a determination to deliver practical solutions that drive results. In 2013 fter recognising there was a severe lack of understanding and implementation of SEO and Google for business opportunities in Dunedin, James engaged SEO as a core focus to his business, with a growing number of re-seller partners operating nationally and in Australia. James is also a singer, songwriter and drummer, most recently playing both solo and with bands ‘Rusty Pilot’ and ‘Koputai People’s Party’. In the mid nineties James was also a member of a band called ‘Fold’ that gained some local popularity, but nevertheless washed him up bedraggled on the well populated ‘has nearly been’ beach. Thinks he’s quite funny but in truth, isn’t. Often poorly attempts to chime in on banter in the office – usually with stories he has already told.